[OpenAFS] Open AFS on RedHat Enterprise Linux WS....

Jason McCormick jasonmc@cert.org
Mon, 11 Apr 2005 10:31:11 -0400

--On Monday, April 11, 2005 12:13:50 AM -0400 dsandif@email.unc.edu wrote:

> Has anyone had success in setting up afs on RedHat Linux Enterprise 4 WS?
> I haven't had a need to do this until recent which is why I'm asking now.
> I went to the Openafs site and I see nothing that would indicate that
> there are even downloads for the 2.6 kernel version yet. Could someone
> fill me in please?

OpenAFS 1.3.81 will compile on EL4 (I'm using AS), however I'm experiencing
lockups when doing write operations on a volume.  I'm actually trying to
debug this now.  However building for 2.6 has been generally stable for the
last several months.  Previous tests I've done were with 1.3.79, so I'm
building 1.3.81 now to do testing against the latest and greatest.

Jason McCormick <jasonmc@cert.org>
CERT Infrastructure Team