[OpenAFS] break while data transfer - no token?

Lars Schimmer schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Sun, 07 Aug 2005 14:45:45 +0200

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I setup a AFS Cell on debian systems with 2 servers and 2 clients right now.
The servers are the OpenAFS 1.3.82 package from debian sarge, the client
has 1.3.86 on windows.
I use MIT krb5 for auth, it's the debian packages.
On the database servers I've got raids with 300 GB space each for /vicepa .
So far it all works.
But now I try to populate the volumes on that servers, and one error
occurs from time to time...
I try to copy from a samba drive or another AFS cell data in one volume
and it works for some time, but after some time, a message occurs: "Disk
is full - skip or abort"
If i skip that file, it just waits some sec more and goes on. Til the
next "Disk is full" message, which could appear after some min or after
And no, there are not >60k files or else limitations as far as I know.
On another copy (in which I skip all files that were copied) that
skipped file is copied without any problems.
Ans yes, my ticket and my tokens are guilty and active for another some
4-6 hours.
But it looks like the tokens get invalid and the OpenAFs client has to
obtain another guilty token. Indeed the gui tells that I still got the
same token as before...
Strange and annoying at all...
Any hints, tips?

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