[OpenAFS] Can't Map AFS drive

Charles McIntyre mcintyre@ucsc.edu
Wed, 10 Aug 2005 09:45:24 -0700

I'm assuming you mean the part about:

"As of 1.3.65, the OpenAFS client will directly=20
use Kerberos 5 tickets as tokens if
KFW is installed.  The client requires that all=20
of the AFS Servers with which it
communicates support the use of Kerberos 5 tickets as tokens (aka 2b=
This means that all of the AFS servers must be=20
running OpenAFS release 1.2.8 or
higher.  Transarc servers do not support Kerberos 5 tickets as tokens."

That makes sense with the 1.3.65 and higher=20
clients.  What I'm curious about is why when I=20
use any OpenAFS client above 1.3.73, Windows=20
Explorer "hangs".  The screen won't redraw, My=20
Computer is blank within Explorer, the machine=20
becomes unresponsive.  Is there a change in=20
1.3.74 that is affected by a TransArc 3.6 server?


At 08:22 AM 8/10/2005, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>Charles T McIntyre wrote:
> > -UID: 9249
> >
> > Currently TransArc 3.6
>Please read the afs-install-notes.txt for OpenAFS for Windows.
>The answers to your problems are there.


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