[OpenAFS] 1.3.87 on Solaris 10 and weird NFS proble

Brian Sebby sebby@anl.gov
Thu, 11 Aug 2005 15:49:03 -0500

When IBM released AFS to the Open Source community, the AFS->NFS translator
was removed due to licensing issues with Sun.  Since then, Derrick has been
working on a new translator from scratch, but it's still a work in progress.
We still have to run the Transarc client on our AFS translator, although I
hope we can get rid of it soon since we're decomissioning a number of systems
that relied on it.  As he said, it hasn't been tested on Solaris 10, so it's
not surprising that it didn't work.

You can pretty much ignore anything about the NFS translator that's in the
IBM docs if you're using OpenAFS - it simply doesn't apply any more.


On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 03:07:47PM -0500, Christopher D. Clausen wrote:
> Sergio Gelato <Sergio.Gelato@astro.su.se> wrote:
> > * Christopher D. Clausen [2005-08-09 19:09:55 -0500]:
> >> Even more testing has revealed that the libafs64.nonfs.o module works
> >> just fine when the libafs64.o one does not.  This is very weird.  I
> >> can only assume that this is due to some change in Solaris 10.
> >>
> >> Am I going to run into weird NFS / AFS problems later on because I am
> >> using the nonfs kernel module?  Can someone explain why there were
> >> two seperate modules (nonfs and nfs) to begin with?
> >
> > If you don't know why there are two separate modules, then the .nonfs.
> > one is probably right for you. (It's the one I've always used on
> > Solaris.)
> >
> > If I remember correctly, the other one is meant to be used on NFS/AFS
> > translator machines. The translator functionality may very well be
> > broken at the moment; I don't use it myself, so I wouldn't know.
> from:
> http://www.openafs.org/pages/doc/QuickStartUnix/auqbg005.htm#HDRWQ46
> I was simply going by the single line the IBM docs:
> "If the machine is running the 64-bit version of Solaris 7, its kernel
> supports NFS server functionality, and the nfsd process is running:"
> Since nfsd is indeed running, I thought the "libafs64.o" file was the
> one I needed.  Apparently this is not the case.
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