[OpenAFS] Crash testing OpenAFS

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
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In message <20050812040746.EA4C9B0B8@smtpauth.easystreet.com>,"ted creedon"
>A simple cp -rpv /afs/.bigcell/foo /afs/.home-ted-doris.fam/bar hangs 
>the system so badly Linux won't even "halt".

that sounds simple, but what are foo and bar? 
>> foo= 4.8GB backup of a windows drive on a 1.2.11 AFS server
>> bar=  8000000 Kblock mount into a volume on a 1.3.87 server

 i cant duplicate this test unless i have a little more information.

does afs break if you cp -rpv /afs/.bigcell/foo /afs/.bigcell/bar?
>>No. It runs fine if kept on the Linux 1.2.11 server/client

does it run for a little bit and stop? 
>>No. Takes a long while.
 does it hang immediately?
is there a particular file that stops it every time?
>> This is possibly the case. A month or 2 ago I dragged the same directory
from the 1.2.11 to a windows firewire drive using the Windows client and
observed duplicate filename messages from the windows boxes.

>>Jaltman mentioned that long filenames are not necessarily unique under
AFS, however they are unique in my 1.2.11 AFS filesystem, I don't know about
the 1.3.87 filesystem. I'll investigate.

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