[OpenAFS] Crash testing OpenAFS

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
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>cp -rvp /afs/.bigcell/foo/* /afs/.home.ted-doris.fam/bar #doesn't work
>Where bigcell is 1.2.11 and home is 1.3.87

both servers running linux? 

>> old server bigcell linux 2.4/AFS 1.2.11 
>> new Server/client home.ted-doris.fam linux 2.6/AFS 1.3.87
>> note: the cp is being run on the 2.6/1.3.87 machine i.e. copying data
from the old server to the new one.

which kernel?  which version of afs on the client 
>> 1.3.87 

>1. The transfer stops for no apparent reason after transferring for 
>quite a while. Looking at TOP - rxlistener, etc just disappear. The OS 
>and afs server/clients remained up.

after it stops, on the afs client, run: 

	cmdebug localhost 7001 -long

also, look in /usr/afs/logs on both servers.  in particular, FileLog and

you might also try running 'fstrace setset' (as root) after the cp stops
running properly, wait a minute or two, and then issue 'fstrace dump' and
see if anything is in there.
>>will do
failing any of that, we will likely need to a tcpdump capture from the
client.  check the archives for proper options.

>>groan. Which ports, 7000,7001 or more?

>3. It appears that the crashing is related to actual stress under load i.e.
>when the 24000 files contain actual data.

about how much data?

>>I'll check - deleted the volume and will run again but it was a lot.

>4. cp -rvp /afs/.bigcell/foo/* /afs/.bigcell/bar #does seem to work.

how about:

cp -rvp /afs/.home.ted-doris.fam/foo/* /afs/.home.ted-doris.fam/bar 
>> I'll load the new 2.6/1.3.87 server from a backup firewire disk and test


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