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I've been stalking this mailing list for a few months now while pondering
the possibility of deploying an AFS setup in my environment. However, while
reading this list I've not been able to get a firm idea of how stable
OpenAFS is.

>MIT has extensively stress tested the Windows Client, crash testing the
linux client is going well.

There seem to be a lot of reports about OpenAFS causing many Linux kernel
panics, having issues with newer or older kernel versions, random
configurations, or just instability in general. Is this because OpenAFS
really is a very sensitive program/service, or is it the standard problem of
only hearing from those who are having a problem?

>It's the most rugged filesystem I've ever used. Note the quick response
times from the user group.

Does OpenAFS work with RHEL AS 4? RHEL AS 3? HP-UX and Solaris?

>Check the mailing list for cwing@umich. Chris maintains the RedHat, we use
SuSE 9.3 here.
>Read the IBM Quick Start Unix. AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux supported for
servers and clients.
>Windows recommended for clients only. (Why would one want to run a
fileserver on top of a Windows filesystem?)

I'd be interested in hearing an in depth description of how people are using
AFS both in commercial and educational environments today and their success
and failure stories. I realize AFS has been around for a long time and do
have the _Managing AFS_ book, but I'd be curious if things have changed in
the post-TransArc era.

>Light years ahead of TransArc...


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