[OpenAFS] Crash testing OpenAFS

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 09:14:41 -0700

You are correct, originally I created 1 meg files and reduced them in size.

Not only does this directory crash Linux but 2 others do too.

Linux does not crash then copying from the 1.2.11 fileserver to
/root/filename on the 1.3.87 client.

Suggest using a loopback filesystem or manual mount for /usr/vice/cache to
prevent problems on reboot.


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i recreated your test directory tree locally.  i am puzzled about a few
things though.  for instance:

	#set -x #if one is curious..
	dd if=/dev/zero of=1meg bs=256K count=1
	cp 1meg "./TESTDIR.TMP"
	cp 1meg "./ADAPTEC/ACMWrapperServer.A021.dll"
	cp 1meg "./ADAPTEC/ACMWrapperServer.A884.dll"
	cp 1meg "./ADAPTEC/CdCopier.A021.exe"

i would hazard that this is creating 256k files, not 1M files.
the total volume size, after running ./mkdirs, ./mkfiles, ./mk1megfiles was
about 5.6G.  is this corect?

i was able to copy this tree from one volume to another on a different
server (within our local afs cell).  the servers are amd64_solaris10 running
openafs 1.3.81.  the afs client machine which did the create and subsequent
copy, was i386_2.6.13-rc3 running openafs 1.3.87.

your tcpdump leads me to believe that atleast part of these tests is behind
a NAT.  is this true?  further, the tcpdump from run1 looks incomplete.  the
end of the dump still seems to show data transfer.

the fstrace output from run0 is useless.  you need to install the afszcm.cat
in order to get something human readable.

cmdebug from run0 looks unremarkable.  the client doesnt not appear to be
wedged in anyway.

conclusions:  i would guess that the 1.3.87 openafs client is stable.
perhaps you could trying building and running an older set of afs server
binaries, say 1.3.81.
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