[OpenAFS] OpenAFS in a production environment

Lester Barrows barrows@email.arc.nasa.gov
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 16:20:40 -0700

Hi Jeffrey,

Our issue most likely has something to do with our servers being multi-homed 
with both a routable and non-routable IP, the non-routable instance behind a 
NAT. Explorer tended to freeze pretty often, especially when attempting to 
open inaccessable directories. Logins were much slower with OpenAFS installed 
as well, adding as much as a two minute pause. I'm pretty sure I saw a 
message from you a while ago stating that the functionality for dealing with 
the former issue wasn't yet in the Windows client. As it seemed to be a known 
issue at the time, I didn't pursue it further.

We mostly use Linux and a bit on Solaris with OpenAFS, so as I mentioned it 
isn't really critical for our purposes. If you want bug reports though, I can 
put together a Windows test system. Our network is probably a bit of a 
torture test (minefield really) for the client.

Lester Barrows

On Sunday 14 August 2005 04:56, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> Lester Barrows wrote:
> > The Windows 2k/XP client has definitely come a long way, although
> > it's not yet ready for our network. The Windows issue is probably due to
> > our network configuration, and may not apply to you. Windows isn't
> > critical to our use of AFS though.
> Lester:
> What Windows issue are you facing?
> Have you submitted a bug report for it?
> Jeffrey Altman