[OpenAFS] semblance of read/write volume duplicate?

Jason Mccabe Jason.McCabe@mci.com
Tue, 16 Aug 2005 08:43:55 -0400


I know there's only supposed to be one read/write volume
and multiple read-only volumes, and that one of the premises
of AFS is to replicate data that does not change very often
into those read-only volumes.

What if one really needs read/write volume redundancy?  Say
I've got two servers in different parts of the country, and
I want them both to be fully operational duplicates.. home
directories, other read/write volumes, etc.  I'm considering
setting up duplicate read/write volumes that keep themselves
synched outside of AFS.  

  eg.  /afs/my.zone/place1/writeme


My PASSWD file on the server in place1 would look like this:


Similarly, in place2:


Do any of you folks attempt to contrive read/write volume
redundancy on top of AFS?  What are you thoughts on this?