[OpenAFS] AFS-Tokens in cross realm szenario problem

Ulrich Schwickerath ulrich.schwickerath@iwr.fzk.de
Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:56:17 +0200

thank's a lot for the usefull hints. In fact I did not have a cross - realm 
PTS entry. 
> Dumb question time: what's an "ADS KDC" ?  If it's an Active Directory
> server, I could see this causing problems (e.g., the PAC might cause the
> ticket to be too big, depending on a bunch of issues).
It is. If this is the problem,anything one can do about it ?
> >also aklog happily provides me with a wrong token but throughs an error:
> >aklog
> >aklog: Unknown error 267272 so unable to create remote PTS user
> >schwicke@ka.fzk.de in cell cg.fzk.de (status: 267272).
> % translate_et 267272
> 267272 (pt).8 = Badly formed name (group prefix doesn't match owner?)
> I am wondering if you never created a cross-realm PTS entry.
I tried but I failed with exactly this messages (if I attempt to do it 
Authenticated as afs administrator doing 
pts createuser schwicke@ka.fzk.de -cell cg.fzk.de
I get 
pts: Badly formed name (group prefix doesn't match owner?) ; unable to create 
user schwicke@ka.fzk.de
which looks exactly like the message that aklog gives me. If I try to 
authenticate as schwicke in KA.FZK.DE and try to create the account with pts 
I get
 pts: ticket contained unknown key version number ; unable to create user 

Any idea? 

Thank's a lot again,

> --Ken
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