[OpenAFS] 8gb limit?

Tracy Di Marco White gendalia@gmail.com
Fri, 19 Aug 2005 13:23:54 -0500

On 8/16/05, Todd T. Fries <openafs@email.fries.net> wrote:
> I believe I've run into an 8gb volume limit on OpenBSD/i386 3.8-beta.
> I'm running cvs head, and found that 'file too large' errors were being
> given when trying to write files to my root.cell volume.. I removed a
> 300mb file and was able to write several smaller files.  Then I noticed
> this and someone on #openafs on freenode suggested there was a historic
> 8gb volume limit that should be gone by now.
> $ df -ih /vicepa
> Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity iused   ifree  %iused
> Mounted on
> /dev/wd2g     21.7G    7.8G   12.8G    38%   26575 2879151     1%   /vice=
> $
> At the moment, I'm only `testing' OpenAFS on OpenBSD so I have all this
> in the root.cell volume, will refactor things into more reasonable
> chunks when I set things up for real.
> Thoughts on this?

My largest volume so far had around 500GB in it, on a NetBSD afs
server. I've been using 70GB volumes for a few years now, on Digital=20
Unix Transarc afs servers, so it isn't that new.