[OpenAFS] AFS and Active-Directory Interoperability

Matthias.Gerstner@student.fh-nuernberg.de Matthias.Gerstner@student.fh-nuernberg.de
Tue, 23 Aug 2005 14:19:48 +0200


I have successfully setup an AFS test environment under Linux using the integrated kaserver. The local infrastructure consists of about 100 clients running both windows and linux. Until now the linux clients authenticate themselves against the Windows Active Directory while using nfs as network filesystem.

I plan to use AFS for all the linux clients in the future but as I don't want to keep double user data on the network it is desirable to make AFS authenticating through Active Directory.

I've already read about the possibility of using an external kerberos5 dc for authentication of AFS. But even about that topic I could only find few information on the net.

I appreciate any additional information about the possibility of doing this and possible approaches.

Thanks in advance,