[OpenAFS] Large volumes -- anyone using?

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Wed, 24 Aug 2005 15:05:12 -0700

There are 2 50GB volumes here. Storing info in large volumes is not a good
idea but the windows boxes the data came from was set up that way and 3
years ago I wasn't experienced enough to set up the correct mount points to
smaller volumes. Now all volumes are set at 8GB to fit on a DVD.

Using a disk cache with 1.3.87 had some problems, they have now gone away.
Perhaps changing the cache partition from ext2 to ext3 had something to do
with it but I don't know. See the "stress testing" thread.
ftp://creedon.dhs.org/afs_stress_test/ contains a shell script that will
build a volume of any size (change the dd line to create a test file of any
size) with real life Windows long filenames. The filenames all work under
both Linux and Windows. There's good troubleshooting information in the
"stress test" thread.

All systems are now 1.4.0-rc1/krb5 and seem to be running fine. 3 servers
and 8 clients. 200GB total.


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If you've got experience with large volumes (tens to hundreds of GB) I'd
much appreciate any experiences you may have had, good bad or indifferent.



Kim (Dexter) Kimball
CCRE, Inc.

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