[OpenAFS] openafs-kernel for 2.6.14 ?

pierre.frenkiel@apc.univ-paris7.fr pierre.frenkiel@apc.univ-paris7.fr
Sat, 3 Dec 2005 15:45:47 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005, Derek Atkins wrote:

> However, you can do it yourself (against the running kernel):
>  rpmbuild -bb --target=i686 openafs...src.rpm

  it's what I did, (replacing -bb by --rebuild, as -bb gives:
        File openafs.....src.rpm  does not appear to be a specfile.)

  rpmbuild lets you with several rpms, among which
   which gives you the source of openafs-kernel, and you have to do

      configure / make / make install
      rpm -Uvh ... --nodeps

   I don't see in that case the advantage of using rpms, as the
   installation starting from the tar.gz involves less steps,
   and the overall times are similar.

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