[OpenAFS] token loss?

Ryan Charles Underwood rcuca4@umr.edu
Sat, 3 Dec 2005 15:33:56 -0600

Can anyone think of a reason I would be randomly losing tokens with recent
versions of OpenAFS?  I'm not sure when it started, I believe sometime
since 1.3.81 and is still persisting even with a 1.4.0 fileserver and client.
The token just disappears at random intervals with no kernel message or
anything, and whatever file operation you were in the middle of aborts
with "No such file or directory".  I observe this on my own Debian systems
using the Debian package as well as a RHEL3 system at work built from

What is strange is that as long as your krb5 ticket is still good, you
can aklog and get it right back.  But it is frustrating to have long
file I/O processes such as backups die because of this.

The time on the systems is synchronized with NTP, so I can't think of
any other reason why this would be going on.