[OpenAFS] [possibly dumb question] volume must occupy entire OS-level filesystem?

zeroguy zeroguy@verizon.net
Sun, 04 Dec 2005 02:07:56 -0500

On Sat, 03 Dec 2005 17:51:57 -0800
Adam Megacz <megacz@cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> It seems that OpenAFS insists that an AFS volume be served from the
> mount point of a physical OS-level partition.  In other words, if I
> mount some filesystem on /foo, I can't serve AFS files out of
> /foo/bar/vicepa -- AFS wants to own the entire partition.
> Is this correct?

You do not need to dedicate an entire OS partition to AFS to use it as
an AFS partition, but it does need to be a /vicepX directory off of the
root partition, I believe. If you want to use a directory that is not
it's own partition, just create the file /vicepX/AlwaysAttach on it. If
you wanted to use /foo/bar/vicepa, you could bind mount it to
/vicepa or something (I _think_ symlinks work, though I've never tried)
and `touch /vicepa/AlwaysAttach`.

You can search the list archives for more information, but I believe the
reason for this behavior is so that the fileserver does not try to use a
blank /vicepa if a mount failed, or something.