[OpenAFS] Anyone experienced these probs with 1.4 ?

Lars Schimmer l.schimmer@cgv.tugraz.at
Mon, 19 Dec 2005 22:06:16 +0100


Today I had a strange problem.
1.4 server, 1.4 clients on win and linux.
A user could went down a path to a directory and there were just 0 byte=20
files in it.
On the win/linux clients it was the same.
Host not available.
The volume in which this directory resists is on a debian 1.4 server.=20
The server was active and bos status showed no problem with it.
Even after a bos restart server -all no errors were mentioned in the=20
logs, but the files keep at 0 byte length and "host not available".
Ok, the files came from a RO clone. I removed the RO and "vos addsite"=20
"vos release"  it again. No prob so far, but from the clients, 0 bytes=20
files again.
Other volumes, which RW are on that server, were not available at all.
On the server the files are like they should be and it was reachable.
Because of no time, I let it like it was.

Now I wanted to dig any further and tried some rxdebug. No probs so far.=20
So I tested it again, and, whoot, from clients everything looks OK,=20
every file is reachable...
No, there is NO firewall on server or client, and the firewall between=20
internet and LAN was the same and NOT restarted or reloaded since days.
And server/clients are in the same subnet. Just one or two sitches and=20
some cable in between.
So no change in the network, but it works again.

Has anyone experienced something like that before?

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