[OpenAFS] ANNOUNCEMENT: 20051219 Daily Builds, December 2005 Status Report, and OpenAFS plug-in for KFW 3.0

Robbie Foust rfoust@duke.edu
Wed, 21 Dec 2005 21:17:54 -0500


I just upgraded OpenAFS 1.4.0 (nsis installed) with the 20051219 MSI 
installer on a windows 2003 system.  When I rebooted and loaded 
afscreds.exe, I get a windows popup that says afscreds.exe - Unable To 
Locate Component : This application has failed to start because 
afsauthent.dll was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix 
this problem.

I haven't tried re-installing yet, but figured I'd post here in case 
there might be a bug or something.


- Robbie

Jeffrey Altman wrote:
> I am pleased to announce the latest daily development builds of
> OpenAFS for Windows (dated 20051219) available in both 32-bit
> and 64-bit varieties from:
>   \\afs\athena.mit.edu\user\j\a\jaltman\Public\OpenAFS\
>   /afs/athena.mit.edu/user/j/a/jaltman/Public/OpenAFS/
>   http://web.mit.edu/jaltman/Public/OpenAFS/
> These builds include all of the features of 1.4.1-rc2 plus new work.
> (most important changes summarized below.)  In addition, the latest
> OpenAFS for Windows Status Report dated December 2005 is available for
> review:
>   http://www.secure-endpoints.com/talks/2005-Dec-Status-Report.pdf
> This is the last Status Report that is going to summarize the changes
> since OpenAFS for Windows 1.2.10.  From this point forward the changes
> section will be re-written to describe changes since the release of 1.4.0.
> Finally, with release last week of MIT Kerberos for Windows, the Network
> Identity Manager was introduced.   This replacement for MIT's
> Leash32.exe will also become the future replacement for OpenAFS's
> AFS Systray Tool (afscreds.exe).  Check the Secure Endpoints' web site
> for the latest beta test of the Network Identity Manager OpenAFS plug-in
> and installer which is expected to be completed in the coming days.
> Some highlights of the features of the Network Identity Manager when
> combined with the OpenAFS plug-in from Secure Endpoints:
> * support for managing multiple Kerberos 5 principals simultaneously
>   (Identities)
> * when a Kerberos 5 identity is initialized or renewed, zero or more
>   AFS tokens can be obtained automatically using one of the following
>   mechanisms:
>   + Kerberos 5 service tickets as the token
>   + Kerberos 5 to 4 translation service to obtain a token
>   + Kerberos 4 service tickets as the token
> * expiration notifications are configurable and appear as system tray
>   balloon tips
> The daily builds contain all of the major changes in 1.4.1 RC2 plus
> some news ones as summarized here:
> * 64-bit Windows support
>   + This is a pure 64-bit implementation.
>   + 32-bit libraries are not provided.
>   + There is no 64-bit version of MIT Kerberos for Windows available yet
>     to obtain tokens
>   + The AFS Explorer Shell Extension only works if explorer.exe is
>     started from a 64-bit environment.
>   + The only installer is the MSI.
> * Client simulated byte range locking support
> * A faster implementation of the fcrypt algorithms are now being used
> * Message logging to the Windows Event Application Log is now improved.
>   Message Text data is now provided so the Event Log Viewer does not
>   display warning text that often obscures the actual information from
>   OpenAFS' Client Service.   (the AFS Logon Network Provider has not
>   yet been modified in the same manner.)
> * Improvements to the detection of down servers.
> For the complete list of changes see:
>   http://web.mit.edu/jaltman/Public/OpenAFS/afs-changes-since-1.2.txt
> As always I encourage all organizations and individuals who wish to
> support the development of OpenAFS for Windows to contact me.  Financial
> contributions as well as in kind assistance are seriously appreciated.
> Tax deductible donations may be made via the OpenAFS account operated by
> Usenix (a 501c3 not for profit corporation.)
> Jeffrey Altman
> OpenAFS for Windows Gatekeeper