[OpenAFS] Failover

Horst Birthelmer horst@riback.net
Tue, 27 Dec 2005 23:35:42 +0100

On Dec 27, 2005, at 8:15 PM, Pierre Ancelot wrote:
> Hi everyone :)
> I wanted to know how afs is reacting in the case of a failover
> cluster...
> i use keepalived on linux and i wish to have a failover distributed
> filesystem, like what happens if a replica dies or if the first server
> dies ? ... And when it will get back up, what should i know about
> re-synchronisation ?

AFS is not a high availability cluster file system. (It's at least  
not it's primary design target)

The replication in AFS is just for read-only data, and is actually  
for being able to distribute the same (read-only) information on more  
fileservers all over the world.
That's why the replication has to be triggered by the administrator.

This might _not_ be what you mean by failover.

The keepalive is completely irrelevant in this case, since there is  
no synchronization
other than the one triggered by the admin.

If you can specify, what you're planning to do, maybe somebody on the  
list will be able to help you further.