[OpenAFS] OpenAFS with RAID

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 07:40:22 -0500

I have my entire cell, 1.3 Tbyets, spread across 8 file servers, all 
with external disk in a RAID 5 configuration.  Works just fine.  I have 
not tried LVM on this system, but I plan to later this winter.

Paul Robins wrote:

> Hey,
>   I'm looking at implimenting a 4 server system at work, with each 
> server having 2x200 gig hard drives with 3 raided partitions and LVM 
> on the third. I would like to use some form of AFS, however i'm unsure 
> of it's suitability. I would ideally like to somehow network RAID the 
> available storage space. I assume AFS contains no provision for this 
> so if not, would there be any conflict using AFS on an LVM volume on 
> MD raid?
> Regards,
> Paul
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