[OpenAFS] OpenAFS with RAID

Paul Robins paul@paulrobins.alldaypa.com
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 12:55:11 +0000

> I just assume you're planning to do this on Linux.
Yes apologies, linux, probably reasonably modern 2.6 kernel

> Since there is no other fileserver than a 'namei' on Linux, you can  use 
> it on any device (the LVM is usually completely transparent) and  with 
> any filesystem you think it suits best.
Excellent, that makes things so much easier

> For the rest of the questions, I don't know how you think you can  
> 'network' RAIDs.
I was referring to using something like ENBD to create a RAID array 
across a network

> If you want to use available storage from all of your fileservers,  
> that's what AFS will help you do.
> You'll have one namespace and from a users perspective you won't have  
> to care about where the storage actually is located.
> Actually that's what a distributed and even a network file system is  
> all about.
Indeed, what i was referring to is having 4 servers and maintaining some 
form of redundancy, so that the AFS volume (namespace?) could survive a 
single server failure, whilst having more than the 180 gig currently 
free on each machine. I kinda assumed it was impossible

> If you think of placing the network some layers lower, like in the  
> block device, etc., AFS can't help.
Yeah i figured as much, i was just wondering if AFS contained any way of 
doing the above.