[OpenAFS] OpenAFS with RAID

Paul Robins paul@paulrobins.alldaypa.com
Wed, 28 Dec 2005 14:17:34 +0000

> You're not talking nonsense at all. It's exactly the kind of  statement 
> I was provoking.
> (Just the term 'node' is from cluster terminology not AFS, but OK.
> AFS doesn't care about nodes, there are only volumes on fileservers) :-)
Sorry yes, i originally approached this from a clustering perspective, 
looking at GFS etc.

> I don't really recommend that conversion of RO volumes to RWs for  
> backups. If you search the archives for that topic you'll find some  of 
> my old statements regarding that.
> IIRC I said something like: use that only if your disk is gone, like  in 
> 'the dog eat your harddisk'. (I didn't look it up ... ;-) )
Well it's more about redundancy, in a pinch I can deal without having to 
do any sort of RAID5 network rubbish because 180 gig is more than 
sufficient. Backups are done offsite anyway and performance isn't a 
major issue. This is used to support a 24/7 callcentre, and the most 
important thing is that if a disk were to fail and take a machine down, 
we could bring up a replacement with as close to identical data as is 

> and transfer a lot of  data over the network to those fileserver(s),
This isn't a major issue, the machines were originally specced to have a 
second (gigabit) network card connected to their own gigabit switch / VLAN.

I suppose I should have just stated my requirements originally and 
dispensed with all my 'smart ideas' :)