[OpenAFS] OpenAFS with RAID

Christof Hanke hanke@rzg.mpg.de
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 15:50:13 +0100

> I did something like this years ago and it worked, but somehow I  still 
> have a bad feeling about doing it ;-)
It only gets tricky, when you have two machines claiming to be the same 
> It was using FibreChannel devices, which are very easy to 'move'.
> It included moving the IP address of the fileserver as well, to avoid  
> the syncvldb and syncserv headache.

Yes, FibreChannels are very good for that.
Thinking more about that, you could have even the root-partition on the 
external storage. Having a boot-cdrom with the right kernel+modules, all 
you need to do is to plug it into the standby machine and boot it off 
the cdrom. Kind of manual server virtualization...