[OpenAFS] Issues with pts ?

Madhusudan Singh singh.madhusudan@gmail.com
Thu, 7 Jul 2005 23:26:57 -0400

Thanks for your response.

> >
> > root@omega:/usr/vice/etc# fs setacl /afs system:authuser rl
> > fs:'/afs': Connection timed out
> >
> > root@omega:/usr/vice/etc# ls /afs
> > omega.mit.edu/
> I assume you are using dynroot. If you are, well, you can't set the acl on
> a fake directory. It doesn't work.

No, I did create an fs volume on /vicepa and mounted root.afs on /vicepa :

./vos create  omega.mit.edu /vicepa root.afs

root@omega:/usr/afs/bin# ./bos status omega.mit.edu fs -long -noauth
Instance fs, (type is fs) currently running normally.
    Auxiliary status is: file server running.
    Process last started at Thu Jul  7 17:49:03 2005 (2 proc starts)
    Command 1 is '/usr/afs/bin/fileserver'
    Command 2 is '/usr/afs/bin/volserver'
    Command 3 is '/usr/afs/bin/salvager'

root@omega:/usr/afs/bin# cd /vicepa
root@omega:/vicepa# ls
AFSIDat/  Lock/  V0536870912.vol  lost+found/

Now /afs is created from the contents of CellServDB (which I guess is what you 
mean by dynroot). Is it then possible to bypass this and make sure that the 
client (on the server machine itself as I suggested in my last email) mounts 
(http://www.castle.org/nomad/afs-presentation/presentation/slide29.html) ?