[OpenAFS] Can't Map AFS drive

Charles McIntyre mcintyre@ucsc.edu
Fri, 08 Jul 2005 07:56:14 -0700

We always reinstall the MLA after imaging.  We=20
were just curious if the sysprep/ghost MLA=20
deletion was causing an additional problem, or if this is a non-issue.

At 07:49 AM 7/8/2005, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>When you create a drive mapping you are creating the map to
>         \\AFS\sharename
>when the MLA is installed.  If the MLA is not installed, then
>this network device will not exist and the drive mapping will
>fail.   You must install the MLA.
>Charles McIntyre wrote:
> > Thanks.  I'll try that.
> >
> > You had recommended the use of "afsshare" and submounts the last time I
> > had some issues, so that's why I'm using them.
> >
> > I'm thinking our issues are related to some kind of 3rd party software
> > conflict, but I haven't narrowed it down yet.  Do you know if it's a
> > problem when creating an image of a workstation if you don't delete the
> > MLA first?  Sysprep and Ghost end up deleting/forgetting about it in the
> > process of creating an image, and we're curious if that's causing a
> > problem...
> >
> > Charles


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