SPAM-LOW: Re: SPAM-LOW: RE: [OpenAFS] Documetation for asetkey and aklog

Ken Hornstein
Fri, 08 Jul 2005 14:53:02 -0400

>1. My message was information and an offer of help. It wasn't even a 
>recommendation. If you don't want it, don't take it. You don't need to 
>unload a bunch of attitude on me.

Sigh.  I apologize for that; the whole documentation mess has been something
I wished I could ignore, and the rant really wasn't directed at you; it
was just a general rant.

>2. The theorem example was just that, an example. Would you be less 
>annoyed if the roles were FAQ-specific stuff like 'question' and 
>'answer'? With a little work, the subset of DocBook you'd have to know 
>would be *tiny*, and the subset of LaTeX you'd have to know would be *zero*.

The problem I have is "tiny" is greater than "zero".  Even a tiny
amount of time is time I don't have.  This is completely aside from the
problem that I don't have DocBook on any of the systems I have here and
I'd have to install it (actually, okay, I was curious and I checked it
out; it's not clear to me from a few minutes of Google exactly _what_
DocBook consists of; is just XML schema?  If so, where do I get the
tools to process it?  _What_ tools do I need?)

And while you say that the amount of DocBook that I need to know is
tiny, the real problem is that I have almost no experience with SGML or
XML, and I'd have to learn a bunch of stuff just to be able to GET
anywhere with it; we don't have any of the tools or experience in-house
here, and without that infrastructure I'd have to spend a ton of time
working on it to be able to make any progress with it.  Years ago
I had the time to spend a week messing around with a TeX installation
to get it working, but I don't anymore (okay, it may only take a day or
two, but again, don't have the time).

>3. The lesson that logical markup is better than visual has only been 
>learned ten gazillion times. If you're happy with HTML markup, great. 
>But it's not like this is an open question.

I'm not disagreeing with you; I simply don't care.  See previous discussion
re: lack of time.