[OpenAFS] afs directory

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Mon, 11 Jul 2005 18:36:09 -0400

On Saturday, July 09, 2005 11:11:35 PM -0400 Rodney M Dyer 
<rmdyer@uncc.edu> wrote:

>> Where can I find the current krb-afs source code within the afs network?
> AFS and Kerberos 5 are separate code bases, and neither is "in" the AFS
> network.  You can find the source code for AFS at "www.openafs.org".  You
> can find MIT's Kerberos client and server source code at
> http://web.mit.edu/network/kerberos-form.html

Well, that's clearly not true....

The OpenAFS software distributions (source and binary) can be found in 
/afs/grand.central.org/software/openafs; the web server actually reads them 
directly out of AFS.  One of the directories there is called 'snapshot'; it 
contains copies of the nightly snapshots.

A copy of the OpenAFS CVS repository (updated nightly) can be found in 

The CVS repository containing kth-krb and Heimdal can be found in
/afs/pdc.kth.se/src/packages/kth-krb/SourceRepository.  At the same level 
are source tarballs and extracted source directories for many, but not all, 
of the software involved.

I'm pretty sure you can find MIT Kerberos sandboxes somewhere in 
/afs/athena.mit.edu, but I can't recall where offhand.

And, the afs-krb5 migration kit is distributed from

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