[OpenAFS] Win 1.3.84 hangs 2003 Server + stats

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 14 Jul 2005 07:08:41 -0700

AFS Server running on a 733MHZ Linux 2.4/afs 1.2.11 = system "S"
AFS Client running on a 2.6Ghz Win 2003 Server = system "C"

The test is to backup all of the data from server S to a local drive on
client C using copy and paste on C.

The cpu load on C was about 90% during the copy prior to the crash (OS froze
Windows also reported that some files were being overwritten on C which
should be impossible. I.e. the afs client appears to be handing duplicate
files to the windows file system.  

I just ran a smaller 100G test and after the files were copied the afs
client C remained at 55% cpu load doing nothing. It should be 0%. There was
no network traffic at 0% cpu load.

To duplicate the test just drag and drop a large directory structure to a
local windows drive.


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ted creedon wrote:

> 1. Add a  fresh 200 GB 400Mhz firewire backup drive on a Win 2003 
> server (NTFS).
> 2. Drag 'N Drop 250 GB from an afs cell to the backup drive.
> 3. Watch error messages about overwriting existing files (which 
> shouldn't exist yet)  then watch the server hang.
> 4. Press big red mushroom head reset button.
> 5. Parameters :cache 512MB, 100000 files, chunk 2048, server V 1.2.11, 
> client 1.3.84 6. Possible cause - the source data may be screwed up?
> 7. Turning indexing off on the NTFS drive. Will try again overnight.
> 7. This did work before.
> 8. Stats 2.8G client cpu's at 90%, client mem maxed at 1GB, net at 35% 
> 100BaseT. Server 733Mhz cpu at 50%+, mem maxed at 512MB
> 9. Process is cpu bound at the server.  Network is not a problem.
> 10. Later.
> tedc


This is one of the worst support requests I have ever read.
I have no idea what you are attempting to do.

Are you attempting to install the AFS Server on a Windows system?

Are you attempting to install just the client?

If your CPU is at 90%, what processes are using all of the CPU?

If you are attempting to install the AFS Server on a Windows box, how is it
that the server is 1.2.11 and the client is 1.3.84?

Jeffrey Altman