[OpenAFS] Win 1.3.84 hangs 2003 Server + stats

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:30:11 -0700

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ted creedon wrote:

> AFS Server running on a 733MHZ Linux 2.4/afs 1.2.11 = system "S"
> AFS Client running on a 2.6Ghz Win 2003 Server = system "C"
> The test is to backup all of the data from server S to a local drive 
> on client C using copy and paste on C.
> The cpu load on C was about 90% during the copy prior to the crash (OS 
> froze up).
> Windows also reported that some files were being overwritten on C 
> which should be impossible. I.e. the afs client appears to be handing 
> duplicate files to the windows file system.

That is because AFS is a case insensitive file system and you have
multiple files with names that differ only by case.   When you copy them
to the local disk you will get collisions.

>>News to me. This same directory structure worked fine with 1.2.11 Windows.

> I just ran a smaller 100G test and after the files were copied the afs 
> client C remained at 55% cpu load doing nothing. It should be 0%. 
> There was no network traffic at 0% cpu load.

That's fine.  What process is using up the CPU time?   Run Task Manager
and find out.

>>afsd, which also looped using 50% cpu for hours after the file transfer
was completed.

Please read the documentation I provide with each release.  The txt
files distributed with the installers.   In particular, you should
read the section on debugging:


Jeffrey Altman