[OpenAFS] [FOR TESTING] OpenAFS 1.3.85 RPMs for RHEL4 (i386, x86_64)

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Thu, 14 Jul 2005 16:39:21 -0700


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> RE:
> 1. afs-krb5 does not seem to be in this rpm
>> Sorry, the rpm overwrote an existing afs-krb5 directory. Should have
looked first.

It's in there (afs-krb5-2.0.tar.gz)

> 2. the afs sources compile and run fine on SUSE 9.3 (2.6 kernel). Even 
> ./configure works

Do you mean the kernel module source RPM, or the openafs source
(openafs-1.3.85-src.tar.bz2)? If the latter, that's just an unmodified copy
of openafs.

Or are you trying to run the precompiled RPMs on SuSE? (after building the
correct kernel module)

>> no - compiling all from scratch
>> openafs-1.3.85-rhel4.0.src.rpm is the exact filename the sources came
>> unfortunately I had identical build trees directories
/usr/src/packages/SOURCES/afs-krb5 and
/usr/src/packages/SOURCES/openafs-1.3.85 prior to installing the mentioned

>> Question: is the resulting libafs<uname>.ko the same in any event?

> 3. so far so good
> 4. a tar.gz with everything would be helpful
>> I meant a tar.gz of the current sources either patched or with patches. I
use the --with-transarc-paths so the paths in the IBM docs are correct. I
prefer not to use rpm's so I have better control over the directories.

All of the sources are in the .src.rpm file. Did you just want the contents
of SOURCES/ and SPECS/ packaged in their own .tar.gz?

>> I looked at your disribution rpms with "rpm -q -vv -l -p <package.rpm>"
to see what is there.
>> Question: are those binaries from the sources in the link above, or have
they been patched?
>> Comment: the --enable-supergroups switch breaks ptprocs.c - PTS_LstSGrps
is undefined..
>> Comment: in afs-krb5 aklog fails to compile. The hack is to manually
replace -lkrb524 with -ldes425 in the gcc line
>> Comment afs-krb5 should have the patch directory removed as its passe'
>> Question: the afs-krb-2.0-64bit.patch is for 32 and 64 bit architectures?
Looks like it.

We're definitely making progress, I just test copied 283,292 files in 21,966
folders from an afs server to an NTFS hard drive with the 1.3.85 Win

There are about 500K files and 50K directories in my server. It's a good
test bed.

All - Keep up the good work.


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