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ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Fri, 15 Jul 2005 08:16:28 -0700

I think all of you missed Rodney's point. He makes his living supporting AFS
and the management only looks at the cover, not what's inside.

I'd suggest setting up an internal website using the IBM htm docs and the
Latex based pdf's (they look better than IBM's). 

I think its important to respond to user's needs especially when they have
implemented a unique system based on afs. Think of it as "market share".

It needs to be pointed out that that the arrival of Apple's Intel hardware
will require afs - like flexibility beginning next year for large users. I
believe there will be major resurgence of Apple and NCSU's computer room
will probably have a mixture of Apples and Windows.

Finally, and no flaming responses please, at the old Tektronix you had to
have a BS in English to be employed in the manuals department. They realized
it took a different talent set to write manuals than to design products.


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On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> As for my opinion on the content of this thread:
> * I understand Rodney's point about wanting a web site that he can 
> point  administrators to that is as professional as a company with a
>  dollars in revenue.   However, he must remember that we are not a
>  company, we don't have a million dollars in revenue, in fact we don't  
> have any revenue at all.
> Proposed solution:
> * People should get a life.

Or donate us a billion dollar company and we promise to use their web site.


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