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1. Windows has its own set of docs.
2. All the *nix platfroms are in the IBM docs, multiple platforms (AIX,
HPUX, etc.) per section.
3. This makes for a lengthy documents includeing platforms that the typical
reader isn't interested in (I.e. user X uses Linux client/servers and
Windows clients, user Y uses Solaris client/servers and Windows clients,
..). The problem with using Latex if switches to include only the desired
platforms is that the html converter doesn't support that construct, only
pdf2latex does).
4. Yet another twist is that the Linux standard path names are diffent from
the transarc standard path names so one has to mentally translate from Linux
paths to the transarc path IBM docs. (I use --with-transarc-paths in
./configure to simplify this, I don't use the standard SuSE dist'n).
5. All platforms need to be supported - its one of the reasons for using
6. Additional docs should be able to get by with using standard transarc
paths and should be reasonably platform independent.
7. One can start by test editing various .tex files and running
latex/latex2pdf on the a*003.tex file in each directory. The a*003.tex file
includes all the other latex files automatically.
8. Mac Tiger will also have to be supported in the future..


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>All good questions, with no immediate answers.
<snip> (If this cutting bugs someone plz. let me know.)

One more thing came to mind.  How to deal with chapters for the various *nix
platforms and architectures and Windows based systems.  i.e. the
IBM/Transarc docs got me through install on Linux and Solaris, but I only
have a Windows client installed on a laptop, I don't build M$ programs, and
I would be totally garfed trying to work on HPUX or BSD, etc.