[OpenAFS] pre-fetch cache

Matthew Cocker matt@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Tue, 19 Jul 2005 20:12:19 +1200

We run our whole dual boot XP/Debian lab system with any application
that can run from afs in afs. Even big apps work well especially now
windows has a persistent cache.

The big benefit (aside from smaller images and easier updates) has been
we set our network up to handle samba/NFS loads but since we have
moved to AFS it is just idling along.

This means that we now have bags of network capacity to use for really 
important things like our sending live video stream of our office fish 
tank to all the lab print stations to be used as the screen backdrop.



> Keep in mind that the Windows cache is now persistent.  You can cache
>  up to 1.3GB on the client.  So you only need to download the data 
> once. If you are planning on reading the same data repeatedly across 
> numerous reboots you might not need to precache as much as you think.
> Jeffrey Altman