[OpenAFS] issues on windows client

Alex Jelinek pillager@gmail.com
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 12:47:43 -0700

Strange behavior on multiple versions of windows AFS client...
This specific Win XP machine has had three versions (77, 81, 84) of win 
OpenAFS client at different times using standard cellservdb for our site
Regardless of version, the following issues appear:

1. afs starts at boot when asked not to (we unchecked "obtain tokens on 
logon" checkbox in GUI, then some reg keys that control this). 
No fix yet.

2. afs logon panel and/or GUI do not appear:
    a. start --> programs --> openafs  --> authentication
        gui never shows regardless how many times you do this or how 
long you wait
        Task Manager does not show the gui as separate process so no 
idea if it's trying to run
    b. system tray --> right click the AFS icon
        as mouse approaches the icon it "jumps" to center of screen so 
you can never right click it
        However, via VNC the VNC user can right click the icon & gets 
gui for the user when doing so