[OpenAFS] cache use topping out at around 3GB?

Wes Chow wchow@athenacr.com
Tue, 07 Jun 2005 09:18:29 -0400

> Here's the problem: the cache fills up nicely and everything seems fine
> until it reaches slightly below 3,000,000K. Then, it bounces around the
> 2,9xx,xxx range, never exceeding the three million mark.

I had this same problem some time ago:


Turns out it's a problem with the kernel module using 32 bit ints for 
calculations that determine when to trim the cache.  I have patches 
against the 1.2.13 Linux module which ups the effective cache limit to 
about 80GB if you're interested.  I haven't adapted this patch to any 
1.3.x versions, but I suspect that wouldn't be too hard.




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