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ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 06:15:58 -0700

1. Explain "codify". If you mean "tell us what tricks we need to know"
that's why I suggested a BOF at the conference.

2. Hand edits will be required but more importantly, trial "latex foo.tex"'s
will have to be run and that's where the inconsistent (and
semi-undocumented) handling of special characters (such as # and _) will
require many hours of learning time by anyone attempting updates.

3. This typically shows up when converting html anchors <a xxxx /a> in the
original htm files to the equivalent Latex hyperref string. The
html2latex.pl converter had to be modified to do represent a source htm # as
#, \# or as a \catcode depending on what the destination Latex environment

4. The problem really hits one when conversion from Latex to dvi, html or
pdf format is done via "latex foo.tex" "tth foo.tex" (for html) or "pdflatex
foo.tex" for acrobat pdf.

5. Right now the hyperlinks that contain "aurns000.html#HDRW_1" like strings
work fine in the html output including the index but are broken (links are
there but don't work) in the xdvi and pdf outputs. (They're highlighted and
look OK but for some reason don't work).

6. I'll be at the conference mon, tues, wed evenings and can demonstrate
what has been accomplished so far. Then you can make your own minds up.

7. For my own use, I use a Linux only set of docs printed two sided 2 up (4
pages/sheet) which works best for me.

8. The good news is there is a latex set of docs available... In 284
separate files for the AdminReference alone.


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On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, ted creedon wrote:

> The AFS html part is about as done as its going to get. It actually 
> looks useful.
> Hyperlinks work, minor hacks required but I don't think anyone but me 
> will be dong updates anyway. PDF links will require some more work 
> since the links are in the form directory/filename/#link.

Can we codify the minor hacks?

> The indices seem to work fine but they're not generated by Latex, just 
> the ones that came with.

Is there a way to generate them or do we need to hand edit? (yuck)

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