[OpenAFS] OpenAFS source rpm for RHEL4

Jeffrey Hutzelman jhutz@cmu.edu
Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:25:44 -0400

On Friday, June 10, 2005 11:10:23 AM -0400 Jerome Asselin 
<asselinj@exchange.umontreal.ca> wrote:

> Is there a rpm source for OpenAFS on RHEL4?
> I would like to test the latest unstable.

Putting together full official binary releases of OpenAFS requires quite a 
bit of effort on the part of a lot of people.  So, we generally don't do it 
for unstable releases.  The main exception is Windows, where at the moment 
the "stable" release is actually very poor, the "unstable" release is 
fairly stable and quite good, and we assume most people don't have the 
tools or skills to build from source.

I know some folks have been distributing unofficial RPM builds of OpenAFS 
1.3.x from time to time, for various Linux distributions.  You might 
consult the archives to see if you can find a pointer to what you are 
looking for.

Or, of course, you can always download the source tarballs and build it 
yourself.  But you won't get an RPM that way.

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