[OpenAFS] added server user access

Esther Filderman Esther Filderman <mizmoose@gmail.com>
Sat, 18 Jun 2005 12:26:08 -0400

You're misunderstanding the way servers work in AFS. You're thinking
in NFS terms, where you have to manipulate the server's contents=20
based on the servers themselves.

In AFS, all servers are one big global space.  Whether you have one
server or one hundred, everything lives in /afs/yourcellname/.  =20
Location independance is one of the big points of AFS.

You don't even have to name your volumes based on the servers they
live on.  It's strongly recommended that you DON'T do that, because
you can move volumes around at will -- usually without users noticing
a thing.

AFS protects directories, not files.  the rwx bits are not as
important in AFS as they are in just Unix, although they can  be used
if you would like.

You need to become familiar with the "pts" command, which makes user
and group entries into the system.  "fs setaccess" is what sets your
directory ACLs and "fs listaccess" lists the ACLs.

On 6/18/05, rc647bob@netscape.net <rc647bob@netscape.net> wrote:
> Once a server has been added to a cell, how can users be granted rwx acce=
> to its directories?
> I tried:
> fs setacl -dir /afs/.lab.edu/addedserver-afs/bob -acl system:anyuser rl
> then I could list the directory "bob" but couldn't write to the directory=
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