[OpenAFS] openafs and dce cell

Derek T. Yarnell derek@umiacs.umd.edu
Tue, 08 Nov 2005 11:27:35 -0500

So we are moving out of DCE/DFS and I need to be able to run them side 
by side for a bit.  Obviously I can't run krb542d on the DCE cell.  But 
I can get a krb5 ticket out and that works fine, I thought there was now 
support for converting krb5 tickets into tokens without the need of a 
524d? Or am I stuck with gssklog until I convert over to a MIT KDC with 
the 524d?

I should know this by now but my brain hurts after repeated beatings by 
users. :)

Derek T. Yarnell
University of Maryland
Institute for Advanced Computer Studies