[OpenAFS] diskless client and Segmentation fault

Info bug@systron.de
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 22:12:59 +0100

Hi list,

starting afsd I will get a Segmentation fault, but all daemons started
and seem to work well.

tested kernel- and openafs-versions with same results are:
linux and openafs 1.4.0
suse-kernel and openafs 1.3.78

No problems with:
suse-kernel 2.4.21 and openafs 1.2.10

The segmentation fault happens not with rw-exported and -mounted

I start openafs with:
# modprobe libafs
# afsd -stat 300 -dcache 100 -daemons 2 -volumes 50 -logfile
/var/log/openafs/AFSlog -debug -memcache -verbose -dynroot &>afsd.log
Segmentation fault

the strace-log shows:
afsd: Forking 2 background daemons.
afsd: Calling AFSOP_VOLUMEINFO: volume info file is '/VolumeItems'
afsd: Calling AFSOP_AFSLOG: volume info file is '/var/log/openafs/AFSlog'
afsd: Calling AFSOP_CACHEINODE for each of the 100 files in ''
afsd: Calling AFSOP_GO with cacheSetTime = 0
SScall(137, 28, 100)=0 afsd: All AFS daemons started.
afsd: Forking trunc-cache daemon.
SScall(137, 28, 3)=0 +++ killed by SIGSEGV +++
afsd: My home cell is 'rz'
ParseCacheInfoFile: Opening cache info file '/etc/openafs/cacheinfo'...
ParseCacheInfoFile: Cache info file successfully parsed:
        cacheMountDir: '/afs'
        cacheBaseDir: '/var/cache/openafs'
        cacheBlocks: 64485
afsd: 100 inode_for_V entries at 0x80731c0, 400 bytes
SScall(137, 28, 17)=0 afsd: Forking rx listener daemon.
afsd: Forking rx callback listener.
SScall(137, 28, 0)=0

/var/log/messages shows:
Nov 12 20:54:48 linux kernel: libafs: no version magic, tainting kernel.
Nov 12 20:54:48 linux kernel: Found system call table at 0xc0372780
Nov 12 20:54:48 linux kernel: Starting AFS cache scan...Memory cache:
Allocating 100 dcache entries...found 0 non-empty cache files (0%).

Please help, what can I do?