[OpenAFS] openafs-authlibs RPMs

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 13:32:38 -0500

Those RPMS are not built by default because the libraries are
broken (see the openafs-devel archives for a discussion on
this topic, or the open bug report:


I'm not at all surprised that the build fails or the RPMs are


Quoting Mike Polek <mike@pictage.com>:

> Hi, all,
>   In order to use the perl AFS module, I need the libraries
> provided by the openafs-authlibs and openafs-authlibs-devel
> packages. When I try to install the openafs-authlibs package,
> it tells me:
> # rpm -ivh openafs-authlibs-1.4.0-1.1.i386.rpm --test
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         libafsrpc.so is needed by openafs-authlibs-1.4.0-1.1.i386
> Well, libafsrpc.so is provided by the devel package, which of
> course depends on the regular package. So, when I attempt:
> # rpm -ivh openafs-authlibs-1.4.0-1.1.i386.rpm 
> openafs-authlibs-devel-1.4.0-1.1.i386.rpm --test
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         libafsrpc.so is needed by openafs-authlibs-1.4.0-1.1.i386
>         openafs-devel = 1.4.0 is needed by 
> openafs-authlibs-devel-1.4.0-1.1.i386
> I ended up just copying the libraries manually, and the perl
> module works fine. But it would be nice if the RPMs could be
> installed correctly. I tried looking at the spec file, but not
> being an expert in this field, I have no idea why there is a
> dependency on libafsrpc.so or how it got there. (Is there a good
> tutorial on the net someplace that would make this clear?)
> I built the RPMs from the src RPM changing
> %define make_authlibs 1
> in the sped file to get the authlibs RPMs. Should I have done
> something differently?
> Thanks in advance...
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