[OpenAFS] afs vs nfs

David Thompson thomas@cs.wisc.edu
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 10:24:27 -0600

Noel Yap wrote:
>Sorry, I didn't mean to start a religious war over this.
>I'm sure both AFS and NFS have both strong and weak points (indeed, I
>believe both can coexist within a company) and just wanted to get an
>up-to-date bullet point comparison.  It seems none exist so, starting
>with the older existing ones, the input I've gathered from this thread
>(thanks to Horst Birthelmer and Joe Buehler), and the various
>propaganda available, I'll compile my own.

Read carefully.  I attended an NFSv4 presentation at a technical conference, 
and found out that some of the NFSv4 features were added specifically to 
compete with afs; however, the implementation is in the spec as "optional", 
and, in fact, none of the existing NFSv4 implementations have them.

I wish I could remember specifics.

Dave Thompson