[OpenAFS] WAS: afs vs nfs ; NOW: desired features

David Coster David.Coster@ipp.mpg.de
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 22:31:42 +0100

The afs vs nfs thread brought to mind a list of points I jotted down 
earlier this year of features that I would like to see in a file system:

Properties of a desired file system
    similar to AFS in this respect
  high performance
    separation of meta-data and data access
    mixture of
      file/directory staging
    multiple residency (RO copies)
  integrated with backup/archive/HSM
    backup adds an additional residency
    archive adds a long-term residency
    transparent migration between levels
    "snapshot" feature
    option for transport level encryption
    option for storage level encryption
    option for client level encryption
  distributed administration
    per-file policies
    per-directory policies
    per-user policies
    per-group policies
    delegation of administration as low as makes sense
  wide availability (clients for a large number of architectures)

I expect to be waiting for quite some time ...

David Coster