[OpenAFS] AFS 1.4 + ADS

theo van den bout theoml@arum.et.tudelft.nl
Fri, 25 Nov 2005 09:38:13 +0100

Hi Guys

The release announcement of the new 1.4 version mentions
    " This release allows Kerberos 5 KDCs including Microsoft
      Active Directory to be the source of AFS client
      authentication. "

And that's precisely what i need...  but i could do with a bit
more info. :)

Can somebody please send me in the right direction?
Sofar i always used the kas-server.

If i:
* leave out the kas-server
* configure /etc/krb5.conf
* add an afs principal (from ADS) to /etc/keytab
would that be sufficient?
( I'm not trying to migrate, I just want it up and running. )

Do i need any non-default configure/compile options?

I'm using a linux server and linux client for testing. ( SuSE 10.0 )

The best