[OpenAFS] AFS disk cache

Lars Wilke lw@root-home-bla-stuff.de
Sat, 26 Nov 2005 04:33:18 +0100

Hi there,

i have a problem regarding a handfull of AFS Clients
setup to use a disk cache of a litte bit less than 2 GB.
The Partition itself has 2 GB.

Every two weeks or so the cache is full and IO errors start to arise
So if i understand the Admin Guide correctly, the Cache Manager
should flush pages which are not dirty.

So my question is why does the partition fill up?
A colleague mentioned to me, that the cache size should be about 2/3
of the partition which hosts the cache and that it is advisable to
create a completly new cache from time to time. I do not know
from where he knows this or if this advice is correct. Is it true
that i should do this from time to time and should i really only use 
2/3 of the partition for the cache.

The used AFS version is 1.2.11 (i know it is outdated) on SuSE 9.2 Enterprise
Edition. The Kernel modul is 1.3.70 on Linux Kernel Version 2.6.8 with SMP
suport. We use the rpms from SuSE.

Any help is greatly appreciated.