[OpenAFS] AFS 1.4 + ADS

theo van den bout theoml@arum.et.tudelft.nl
Tue, 29 Nov 2005 17:06:57 +0100

> You only require a krb524d, fakeka, etc. if you are attempting
> to support clients that cannot make use of Kerberos 5-based
> tokens.  What clients are you attempting to support?
> MIT KFW does not ship with any server side daemons.   The
> daemon you would want to build is a krb524d.exe and you would
> want to run it on the domain controllers using the keytab
> option.
> You could of course run a second realm and establish the
> cross-realm trust.  However, that is more work.   Unless you
> really have no control over the clients and must support
> the use of "kauth" instead of even "kerberos 4" there is no
> longer a need to do so.

Really?? I'm completely lost now.
Does this mean i also do /not/ need 'aklog'? 'kinit' will do?

I'm (sofar) only interested in supporting linux clients using
the latest software.