[OpenAFS] concise Kerberos 5 / OpenAFS setup doc?

Lars Wilke lw@root-home-bla-stuff.de
Tue, 29 Nov 2005 17:25:10 +0100


i just setup a new openafs-1.4. Cool! Thanks a ton. Worked like a charm.
The only problem i encoutered was a strange setup of Heimdal but that had
mostly todo with doing all in one rush late at night...:)

* ted creedon wrote:
> Use krb5, compile 1.4.0 with transarc paths, large fileserver, etc and take

Why transarc paths? To be backward compatible? At least on linux the new
system integrates quite well with the rest of the system.

Also while we are at it, can anyone comment on when they would use the namei
fileserver and when the inode fileserver?

As for the question of the OP, for setting up Kerberos i highly recommend
"Kerberos - The Definitive Guide" by Jason Garman. It helped me a lot
to understand Kerberos. Also it contains a good tutorial style introduction
to setup a new realm. For OpenAFS, well, reading this list or visit the IRC
channel on both there are many really helpfull people. Also i have seen a few
tutorials for different Linux distributions which are straight to the point.
Just <prefered search engine> after them.