[OpenAFS] vserver & openafs module

JEBs JEBs@shbe.org
Fri, 07 Oct 2005 00:23:50 +0200

Dear folks,

I already have openafs running since some months ... well the=20
configurations wasn't easy but after reading tons of docs I got it=20
really running (including failover and the multi-homing problems) ...=20
however... that's not the reason why I wrote but I wanna use this eMail=20
to say: 'openAFS is cool and great stuff !', thanks to everybody who=20
spent effort in the project !!!

Now that I got openafs running well, I require the functionality of a=20
tool named 'chbind' from the vserver project (http://linux-vserver.org/).=

After patching the kernel with the vserver stuff, the openAFS module=20
compiles but abort loading with a "openafs: Unknown symbol vx_rmap_pid"=20

I already tested all combinations with vserver 1.9.5... + 2.0 and=20
openafs 1.3.81 + 1.4rc1 but I always get the error.

After checking Google, I found:

> On 2005.06.16 12:21:44 -0600, Jon Scottorn wrote:
> /> Hi, /
> /> /
> /> We have been running vserver for awhile now using gfs share=
s /
> /> to share the vservers directory between a 4 node cluster with /
> /> linux-2.6.10. Gfs has lots of issues with its cluster so we have=20
> moved /
> /> to Lustre which works much faster and better. The main issue is we=20
> are /
> /> now running with Linux and lustre which works=20
> fine by /
> /> itself but when I patch in the vserver stuff and try to start=20
> lustre up /
> /> I get: /
> /> /
> /> libcfs: Unknown symbol vx_rmap_pid /
> During compilation you should have gotten warnings about implicit
> declarations of vx_rmap_pid. Take the .c files for which those warnings=

> show up, and add an #include <linux/vs_cvirt.h> to them. That should fi=
> your issues.
> Bj=F6rn=20

which sounded good, but resulted in a big bunch of other errors.

Does anybody has a idea how I get openafs & vserver running together ?

Every tip is welcome, also alternatives to 'chbind'=20

Thanks in advance