[OpenAFS] Installing 1.4.0.rc6 version of OpenAFS

Ron Croonenberg ronc@depauw.edu
Sun, 09 Oct 2005 21:54:35 -0500

Hello all,

I managed to compile OpenAFS-1.4.0.rc6 for OpenSSI without any errors
and almost without any warnings.
I had to change a few sourcefiles because of OpenSSI. 

I want to install the newer version and see if that works
I have the older rpm's installed on that machine, do I uninstall those
first before I make an attempt to install 1.4.0.rc6 ?

Do I use the "make install" or do I use te install script to install the
new version ? 

I am not trying to ask trivial questions, just want to know for sure how
to do the right thing.